Lyra Cat Pack


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An Adventure Cat Pack that will keep your cat secure and enjoy the activities you bring them on. Your cat deserves the love, and this will make them feel that love.

Expected to ship in late February/March 2121.


Availability: 296 available for pre-ordering

Lyra Cat Pack

An Adventure Cat Pack

The Lyra Cat Pack is the pack for Adventure cats. Human and Cat comfort was our priority with this Adventure Cat Pack. Your cat will be stable during activities and will be sitting up high enough to see over the users shoulder. Your cat will be on an adjustable shelf, so you will not have to worry about your cat not being able to see over your shoulder! The top mesh panel zips closed and can be completely removed. The optional mesh cinch zipper collar is  an alternative to the solid top. The bungee cord will cinch around your cats neck to provide comfort and safety. Your cat will have no issues poking their head out looking around and the freedom to look around will make your cat enjoy the activity you’re doing much more!


Temperature and Storage

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, that’s not a problem with this Adventure Cat Pack. Our hydration pocket has a small Velcro pocket that stores a hot or cold pack. Storage is not a problem, because we have pockets aplenty, and a padded hip belt that distributes the load of the pack comfortably. There is also has a zipper pocket, purrfect for stashing some cat treats! The sides of the Lyra Cat Pack have each have a mesh pocket, and one is slanted to allow easier access while wearing the pack. In the bottom of the pack, underneath the cat pouch is a roomy zippered pocket that easily allows you to bring other needed supplies for the days activity.

Lyra on a walk with Rebecca Browning, and enjoying her time in the Lyra Cat Pack.

What happens if your purrfect day of hiking turns wet and rainy? This Cat Pack comes with an optional rain fly, and the rain fly will quickly attach to the top of the pack to shelter your kitty from the rain. After Lyra got caught out in the rain without the rain fly, the feature became a must for the Adventure Cat Pack!


Main Features Include:

  • Fully zippered and removable mesh top (Replaceable with Optional Flexible Mesh Cinch Collar)
  • Front zippered mesh panel
  • Waterproof adjustable cat shelf
  • Velcro pocket for hot or cold pack next to the cat
  • Interior Leash
  • Side Cinch Straps
  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Bottom Storage pocket
  • Padded Hip Belt with Zippered pockets
  • Sternum Strap
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Optional Rain Fly
  • Lightweight

Learn more about the creators of this product by visiting our About section. Your cats comfort is our number one priority, and it will show that in our products.


Availability and Shipping

Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the website to be notified of product availability/restocking times, and shipping location expansions. The Lyra Cat Pack is our main product and will be a priority restock. We ship to anywhere in the United States, and have no current short-term plans to make that world-wide.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in


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