F.F.D. Use and Tips

Cat’s that are not accustomed to wearing a floatation aid may display debilitating behavior when the Lyra Cat F.F.D. is put on them. Such behavior may involve flopping on the floor acting as though they are unable to move, or meowing. No worries, kitty just needs some time and training to get used to the F.F.D. 

Make sure the F.F.D. is fit securely. It should be fitted to the body but not tight. 1) Attach the interior harness. The chest strap should be snug to prevent the cat from backing out of the harness. 2) The two side straps can be easily adjusted and secured with the plastic keeper on the webbing. The chest plate can be adjusted via Velcro strips on each side and then secured via the buckle and webbing straps. There is a nylon keeper on each side for extra webbing.

Training is simple and easy. Each day or several times a day put the F.F.D on your cat and let them wear it under your supervision. This can be done for 5 min, 20 min or an hour. Let them flop and complain a bit to get used to it, but don’t force them to wear it too long too fast, let it be a gradual process. 

During their increasing times of wearing the F.F.D., give them praise and encouragement. Get out their favorite toys, encourage them to play with you. Pull out the cat treats, and entice them to come to you (even just a step or reach). Gradually increase the distance between them and their treat to encourage them to walk. 

Eventually kitty will forget about even having the F.F.D on and move about with ease. 

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