Lyra Cat Pack Features

Adjustable Cat Shelf

To thread the webbing straps:  In the bottom front zipper pocket there are two webbing straps that attach high in the back of the pack.  On the bottom of the cat shelf there are two fabric guides to run the webbing straps through.  Reaching up in the front of the pack you can feel two ladder lock buckles.  The webbing straps need to be threaded through those buckles.  You will then be able to pull the strap tighter to raise the shelf higher, or reach in and release the webbing in the ladder lock buckle to loosen the webbing and extend the shelf down. 

Top of Pack

The top of the backpack has three options for use. It can use the solid mesh top, the top can be completely removed, or the the mesh collar top can be put on.  The mesh collar top is designed to cinch around the cat’s neck like a collar inhibiting the ability to jump out.  It is still recommended to clip the attached leash to the cat’s harness. 

Hydration Pocket

In the back of the pack, the zipper opens to a pocket that can hold a hydration bladder. The hose exits the compartment through an elastic opening in the top. In the compartment by the zipper, is another velcro pocket. This pocket can hold an ice pack or heat pack that will hold it near the cat for extreme weather.

Inserting the Cat

The Lyra Cat Pack is designed as a comfortable hiking and all adventure backpack. A part of this design is to keep the cat comfortable and secure during activities, it is not an oversized carrier with backpack straps. It is possible for a cat to go in head first and turn around (my 14 lb cats can both do this) that is not the ideal way to put them in. Set the backpack on the ground or on a secure surface. Make sure it is supported so that it will not fall. Pick up the cat and swoop one hand under the tail and hind legs, then placing the cat into the pack bottom first. Watch the demo video to see this in action.


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