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Tile Sticker Holder (2022 New Version)

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Fits the Tile Sticker 2022 Version

The Tile Holder is a small flexible case that holds a Tile Sticker Bluetooth tracker on a small pet collar.

The 1/2″ size fits most 1/2″ and 3/8″ pet collars.  The 3/4″ size fits slightly larger or bulkier buckles.

The Tile Holder is a small flexible case that holds a Tile Sticker bluetooth tracker on a small pet collar.

Sizing:  The 1/2" holder fits most 1/2" and 3/8" small pet collars.  The buckle that it slides over should be 5/8" or smaller.  The 3/4" size fits over buckles at are 7/8" or smaller.

* When placing the Tile Sticker in the holder do not remove the adhesive backing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Barry Altman
Lyra Cat Tile holder

This little gadget is fabulous. We always find our cats before leaving the house to be sure they're not locked in a closet or somewhere. With this little gadget and the new Tile "Sticker" locator, finding a cat has become a piece of cake. The device lies flat against the collar, so it doesn't bother the cat at all! The Lyra Cat holder makes it possible. She couldn't stand anything dangling. Life changing!!

Steve Hilton
love the case

So far so good....Meeko is now findable

David R
Looks great!

Maybe i didn't have on the standard collar size but it took a lot of pushing to get it on the collar, once it got on though it really looked good and my cat seems to tolerate it just fine.

Worked Great

Holds the tile perfectly. Not sure why so many ones for air tags and only this one for a tile sticker. Much better than having it dangle and get caught in the cat's food, etc.

Barry White

Perfect. Sturdy.