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FFD (Feline Flotation Device)

FFD (Feline Flotation Device)

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FFD (Feline Flotation Device)

Cat Flotation Aid


The FFD (Feline Flotation Device) is a cat flotation aid designed specifically for cats, and with their comfort completely in mind.

Cat have smaller necks, longer bodies and smaller torsos. They simply need a different design than the typical dog flotation aid.

This Cat Flotation Aid has an integrated harness and specific features which provides a secure fit to the cat.

The chest plate adds buoyancy to keep the kitty's head above water.

Other features include:

  • A D-ring which to clip your leash onto*.
  • Lifting handle makes it easier to pick up your kitty in the water
  • Reflective tape and piping
  • Water Resistant fabric
  • Polypro webbing (Made for water activities)


My cat, Lyra, helped with all parts of the design and fit for her FFD, and she patiently sat through many fittings and testing sessions in a hot tub to make this Cat Flotation Aid. She quickly let me know what worked and what didn't until we found the current design, and that now allows her to comfortably float and enjoy the water.

*Note: It is not recommended to have your cat leashed during water activities.


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