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Lyra Cat Pack

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An Adventure Cat Pack


The Lyra Cat Pack is the pack for Adventure cats. Human and Cat comfort was our priority with this Adventure Cat Pack. Your cat will be stable during activities and will be sitting up high enough to see over the users shoulder. Your cat will be on an adjustable shelf, so you will not have to worry about your cat not being able to see over your shoulder! The top mesh panel zips closed and can be completely removed. The optional mesh cinch zipper collar is  an alternative to the solid top. The bungee cord will cinch around your cats neck to provide comfort and safety. Your cat will have no issues poking their head out looking around and the freedom to look around will make your cat enjoy the activity you're doing much more!

Temperature and Storage

Whether it's too hot or too cold, that's not a problem with this Adventure Cat Pack. Our hydration pocket has a small Velcro pocket that stores a hot or cold pack. Storage is not a problem, because we have pockets aplenty, and a padded hip belt that distributes the load of the pack comfortably. There is also has a zipper pocket, purrfect for stashing some cat treats! The sides of the Lyra Cat Pack have each have a mesh pocket, and one is slanted to allow easier access while wearing the pack. In the bottom of the pack, underneath the cat pouch is a roomy zippered pocket that easily allows you to bring other needed supplies for the days activity.

What happens if your purrfect day of hiking turns wet and rainy? This Cat Pack comes with a rain fly, and will quickly attach to the top of the pack to shelter your kitty from the rain. After Lyra got caught out in the rain without the rain fly, the feature became a must for the Adventure Cat Pack!

Main Features Include:

  • Fully zippered and removable mesh top (Replaceable with Flexible Mesh Cinch Collar)
  • Front zippered mesh panel
  • Waterproof adjustable cat shelf
  • Velcro pocket for hot or cold pack next to the cat
  • Interior Leash
  • Side Cinch Straps
  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Bottom Storage pocket
  • Padded Hip Belt with Zippered pockets
  • Sternum Strap
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Rain Fly
  • Lightweight (2.2lb)

Dimensions:  12" x 5" x 18"  (Interior dimensions 10" x 5" x 14.5->8" depending on the height of the adjustable cat shelf)

Learn more about the creators of this product by visiting our About section. Your cats comfort is our number one priority, and it will show that in our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leon the Adventure Cat

Hallelujah! FINALLY a pack designed just for cats that has a HIP BELT! This is the best cat pack on the market. As someone who takes my 13+ pound cat on hikes that are longer than a mile or so, I appreciate this pack not only for the hip belt but for the storage areas to put things.

Erin P.

Our cat Finnegan LOVES his lyra pack! He especially loves when an ice pack is in. I love being able to have my water bladder and extra space for snacks and extra essentials!

Michael W

We have a small dog, Peanut, who has very short legs, we refer to as 'nubs'. She loves to travel and hike with us, but she tires easily. While the Lyra Cat pack was designed for cats, we found it was perfectly sized for Peanut and decided to try it with her.

We find the pack to be extremely comfortable to wear. It was certainly designed with wearability and comfort for humans in mind. All the straps are comfortably padded and extremely adjustable. It’s built like a quality hiking backpack with great hip support and extremely comfortable shoulder straps.

We love the fact that the pack has room for a hydration bladder. Pets get thirsty, and being able to carry a good supply of water wherever we go is great. The bottom storage pocket is spacious and has plenty of room to carry a food bowl, food, and even a blanket for our spoiled pup.

The main compartment comes with several options for the top including a handy rain fly. Peanut prefers to ride standing with her head and front nubs hanging out the top, so we haven’t really used the zip in tops but do carry the rain fly just in case.

Peanut loves blankets and loves to be wrapped up in them. She seems to feel that being inside the Lyra pack is like being wrapped in a blanket. She is very comfortable inside and often doesn't want to come out of the bag once she's inside.

Peanut can move around all she wants inside the pack and the backpack remains very stable and comfortable for the wearer. I was concerned that removing the backpack with the dog inside might be awkward or unstable especially with Peanuts head and shoulders sticking out, but it turns out to be pretty easy and very stable. We simply slide one arm out of the shoulder strap and then get a good grip on the nice carry handle on the top rear of the bag. We really like the carry handle.

We open the front zippered mesh window to help get the dog out of the pack, as stated, once inside she doesn't always like to come right out and we have to lift her. The 'door' lets us get a hand under her without having to reach deep down into the pack from the top.

The stretchy water bottle pockets are handy for all kinds of stuff from drinks to snacks, and of course they are great for storing and quickly accessing #2 bags to clean up messes at the park.

We highly recommend the Lyra Cat Pack for owners of small pets who want their pets with them on the go. It's as comfortable as any expensive hiking pack, big enough for your pet and supplies to all travel together, and small enough to take virtually anywhere without getting in the way. And Peanut has never gotten so much attention from her adoring public. Everyone seems to love the Lyra Cat Pack.