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Lyra Cat Pack

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An Adventure Cat Pack


The Lyra Cat Pack is the pack for Adventure cats. Human and Cat comfort was our priority with this Adventure Cat Pack. Your cat will be stable during activities and will be sitting up high enough to see over the users shoulder. Your cat will be on an adjustable shelf, so you will not have to worry about your cat not being able to see over your shoulder! The top mesh panel zips closed and can be completely removed. The optional mesh cinch zipper collar is  an alternative to the solid top. The bungee cord will cinch around your cats neck to provide comfort and safety. Your cat will have no issues poking their head out looking around and the freedom to look around will make your cat enjoy the activity you're doing much more!

Temperature and Storage

Whether it's too hot or too cold, that's not a problem with this Adventure Cat Pack. Our hydration pocket has a small Velcro pocket that stores a hot or cold pack. Storage is not a problem, because we have pockets aplenty, and a padded hip belt that distributes the load of the pack comfortably. There is also has a zipper pocket, purrfect for stashing some cat treats! The sides of the Lyra Cat Pack have each have a mesh pocket, and one is slanted to allow easier access while wearing the pack. In the bottom of the pack, underneath the cat pouch is a roomy zippered pocket that easily allows you to bring other needed supplies for the days activity.

What happens if your purrfect day of hiking turns wet and rainy? This Cat Pack comes with a rain fly, and will quickly attach to the top of the pack to shelter your kitty from the rain. After Lyra got caught out in the rain without the rain fly, the feature became a must for the Adventure Cat Pack!

Main Features Include:

  • Fully zippered and removable mesh top (Replaceable with Flexible Mesh Cinch Collar)
  • Front zippered mesh panel
  • Waterproof adjustable cat shelf
  • Velcro pocket for hot or cold pack next to the cat
  • Interior Leash
  • Side Cinch Straps
  • Mesh Side Pockets
  • Bottom Storage pocket
  • Padded Hip Belt with Zippered pockets
  • Sternum Strap
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Rain Fly
  • Lightweight (2.2lb)

Dimensions:  12" x 5" x 18"  (Interior dimensions 10" x 5" x 14.5->8" depending on the height of the adjustable cat shelf)

Learn more about the creators of this product by visiting our About section. Your cats comfort is our number one priority, and it will show that in our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carolyn Hernández

I don’t think a cat can fit in there and the quality doesn’t match the price

My cat likes it and so do I!

I do a lot of hiking and am new to hiking with cats. I like how this backpack feels and looks just like a normal hiking pack except there’s a kitty in it! A lot of the ones I looked at looked like they would be uncomfortable for a heavy cat or longer hike, this one is definitely more comfortable. Plus some of them look like I’m hiking with my cat in outer space which isn’t really what I’m going for. I also love that it has storage for more than just a cat which is a necessity for when we start going on longer hikes together. There are 2 things I would change but nothing major enough to not give this excellent backpack 5 stars. What I would change first is the opening. If the top opening had some sort of wire or frame around the opening it would stay open and not collapse inward like it does when hiking and an cat could easily come in and out of it like a cat carrier when it’s laying on the ground. I may try to see if I can figure out a way to engineer this myself. This would make the interior a bit more roomy for a cat too. Second, the hip belts are not at the bottom of the pack. I’m tall and this pack doesn’t work great for me with the hip belts not all the way at the bottom. I can make it work, but wish they would have been all the way at the bottom of the pack and I wouldn’t have to wear the shoulder straps so loose to get any use out of the hip belt. But that’s it. Hands down this is a great backpack, it’s even better that it’s for a cat!

Gayle Gulotta
Happy Cat

Have backpack to my daughter to take he cat on walks and hiking. The cat is adorable in it. It is very well made, especially like the little covering over its head for sun or rain. It has a lot of compartments to carry pet and human essentials. I wold recommend it to outdoor enthusiast.

Anne Reynolds
Tully Rides Like a King

My daughter trained her kitten,Tully, to ride in a backpack from the time she brought him home at 14 weeks. The problem of her sore back and his being smushed in her first pack was solved by the Lyra backpack. The pack is as comfortable as a daypack; the hip belt and chest strap are perfect. The one problem we have yet to solve is the rigidity of the base on which Tully sits. We put a firm piece of thick foam into the pack to make the base flatter, and we tried using a plastic container as a base, but the base is still not perfect, hence the reason for a missing star rating. It would be a structural improvement if the pack had a removable frame that created a rigid seat so that the cat could sit without being cramped and could stand without sliding into the dips created by the current sling. Overall, I highly recommend the pack. Tully truly rides like a king. And what makes it an even better choice for our family is that our dog’s name is Lyra!

Leon the Adventure Cat

Hallelujah! FINALLY a pack designed just for cats that has a HIP BELT! This is the best cat pack on the market. As someone who takes my 13+ pound cat on hikes that are longer than a mile or so, I appreciate this pack not only for the hip belt but for the storage areas to put things.